5 reasons to go to a concert during your holidays

Holiday Concert
5 reasons to go to a concert during your holidays

Holidays are time to look for relaxation, leisure and quality moments. To make your vacation unique, you can write different concerts and festivals in your diary. As a family, group of friends or as a couple, going to a concert during the holidays will allow you to finally be able to admire your group and discover new landscapes at the same time. In short, holidays surely offer you the best opportunity to go to a concert and enjoy it to the fullest.

Why music festivals are better in summer?

Have you ever been to a summer festival? All over the world, this kind of festival is always full. Here are 5 good reasons to leave your home and spend the summer holidays of your life:

  1. For the atmosphere: With your friends, you will be in the middle of strangers who will have only one goal: to party! A real opportunity to make new friends.
  2. To enjoy the heat: Without going to one of the most beautiful beaches in France, you can tan and move while enjoying good music.
  3. To live a new experience: Going to an outdoor festival will change your usual routine! You will stay in a tent, a few meters from the stage. Since you can have as much sun as rain, you will need to be well equipped for a maximum comfort: shorts, sunglasses, hat, scarf, sweatshirts, k-way, boots, and earplugs to reduce decibels and preserve your hearing. You will also discover new artists. It's a bit of the magic of festivals, there are often several artists who pass and you do not know them all. You just come to see a band or a singer but finally we discover new ones and come out with new musical knowledge.
  4. To let off steam: no more exams to pass, bills to pay, or traffic jams to avoid, your next hours will be free from any pressure!
  5. Because you will listen to music for several days: stress lowered, sports performance increased, IQ increased, some pounds less; these are the benefits of music. The advantage of festivals is that they usually last more than one evening. Hours and hours of music to travel and recharge your batteries.

The festival not to be missed for music lovers

A must for connoisseurs, Transylvania is the inevitable event every year. For the luckiest, there are sometimes two musical festivals there instead of one on the schedule. First of all, there is the Electric Castle festival in the Banffy Castle in Bontida, Transylvania. Since the first edition in 2013, its success has been recognized. More focused on electronic music, the other summer festival not to be missed in Romania is the Untold Festival.

Book your holidays now

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