The best concert halls in Boston

Concert in Boston
The best concert halls in Boston

Boston is the city of reference in terms of live music. In all seasons, artists perform even in the streets to share their masterpieces and express their passion, an impressive passion for their compositions, the choice of rhythm added with small touches of personality.

Boston has several artists, most of whom play in renowned concert halls. If you spend some time in this city, do not forget to watch a concert in one of their quaint, huge halls with innovative settings. It is at the same time very simple, and makes you want to stay, to sing and to move your body according to the rhythm.

The most popular concert halls in Boston

Throughout the year, many musicians and singers occupy the following concert halls:

  • House of Blues: after weeks of closing, this room is open again and as usual, the specialties remain precisely the blues. Sometimes there are rockers and gospel singers who perform there. During the year, most famous artists of all kinds make their shows in this room.
  • Club Passim: in the 60s and 70s, this club was named club 47. Since those years, it has preserved the style of music that is folkloric. A warm setting with intimate seating, you can go there with your partner to enjoy vegetarian dishes and have a very cold beer in hand.
  • Johnnie D: If you do not have a particular kind of music, this place will suit you. Let you be surprised by the blues rock music in this singular environment offering several varieties of music.

Concert halls where celebrities play

If you're a Jazz fan, Boston's two biggest clubs are located on the second floor of the Ryles Jazz Club; big bands perform there. After work or a hard day, you can sit alone or accompanied and enjoy the melody and sound of the high quality instruments used. Leaving this place, you will feel relieved of all the stress you have accumulated. Scullers Jazz Club is the other place where the biggest names in right jazz, Latin and contemporary and sometimes soul, R & B are present.

Attend the cabaret to enjoy the offbeat atmosphere and unique culinary specialties. In addition, the most interesting place with its high-level architecture is the Sanders Theater at Harvard University. All the artists singing various varieties including the opera give concerts in this illustrious building every year. Boston's Symphony Hall is one of the most exclusive venues, as celebrities around the world never miss their appointments there.

Choose your program now

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